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NOTE: the above estimate is for guidance only — please ensure you have agreed a specific fee before applying for admittance.

£0.50 per funded hour for 2-5 year olds is charged for offering the Montessori approach.

For irregular or ad hoc sessions, fees are payable in advance at £11/hour for 1-2 year olds, £9/hour for 3–4 year-olds.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The 30 hours funding is applied only to full days. For full day-half day combinations, please consult the office for an accurate price. For funding split with another nursery, please consult the office for an accurate price.

Admissions Requirements

If you'd like your child to be admitted to our Montessori Nursery, you must read the three PDF files below before completing the admission form. Short notice periods reflect irregular work patterns.

Note: If impacted by changed circumstances, contact or call 01865 554954 in first instance.

Instructions for applying for admission

  • Please download the Admission Form by clicking the rightmost box above.
  • Save the PDF document on your PC and then open it with Adobe Reader or alternative.
  • You should then be able to complete all the entries and save it again on your PC.
  • Finally, email the completed PDF document to
  • NOTE: some PDF readers do not allow you to save the entries,
    so alternatively, you can print it and deliver to us by hand or post.


We have a duty to report/share safeguarding concerns about any child in our care to the relevant authorities.

See "Policy for Safeguarding Children" and "Privacy Notice (GDPR)".