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Term Dates and Fees
Term Dates 2017-2018
We operate on the basis of 4 terms per academic year, amounting to 48 weeks of operation in total.

Autumn term 2017
Monday September 4th until
Friday November 24th

Winter term 2017/2018
Monday November 27th until
Friday February 16th (2018)

Christmas holiday 2017/18
Closed, Monday December 18th (2017)
Reopen, Tuesday January 2nd (2018)

Spring term 2018
Monday February 19th until
Friday May 11th

Easter holiday 2018
Closed, Friday March 30th
Reopen, Monday April 9th

Summer term 2018
Monday May 14th until
Friday July 27th

Holiday club 2018
Monday July 30th until
Friday August 10th

Free Childcare Entitlement
A UK government grant pays for 15 hours/week for 38 weeks (570 hours/year) of pre-school education for all 3-4 year olds and some 2 year olds. We call this the core entitlement.

From September 2017, an expanded entitlement to 30 hours/week is offered to parents/carers who meet certain criteria.

To check eligibility, parents should refer to or to

This core entitlement is provided in a flexible manner to help parents utilise this benefit fully.

Our nursery academic year stretches over 48 weeks, while 15 hours/week is possible only for 38 weeks to comply with the standard school year. Thus, there is an unfunded gap of 10 weeks.

To address this, we offer the following options:

Standard offer: the grant is used to pay for 15 hours/week for 3 of the 4 academic terms, the exception being the winter term (and Holiday Club)*.

Stretched offer: (applicable to all funded 2 year olds and for some 3 & 4 year olds) the grant is spread over 48 weeks so that
  • 15 hours/week offered in Autumn term
  • 10 hours/week offered in Winter term
  • 10 hours/week offered in Spring term
  • 15 hours/week offered in Summer term

*the grant pays for first 2 weeks of Winter term and first week of the Holiday Club

Childcare Vouchers
Working parents can redirect part of their salary before it is taxed to pay for childcare fees.

For guidance, please refer to:

The voucher system will be gradually phased out in favour of Tax-Free Childcare (see below).

Tax-Free Childcare
You can open up an online savings account, called Tax-free Childcare, which gives a top-up of 20% to a defined limit.

You can pay childcare fees from this account (via BACS) into our account via this scheme. Each child will have a unique reference number, which we require to help identify the payment.

For guidance, refer to
Session Detail 3-4 yr old 2 yr old 1 yr old
Morning Session
(8.00 - 13.00)
If 3 mornings per week funded (max. 15 hours) then no charge for those sessions. £26.00 £27.00 £29.50
Afternoon Session (Short)
(12.00 - 15.00)
If 5 afternoons per week funded (max. 15 hours) then no charge. £21.50 £22.00 £23.50
Afternoon Session (Long)
(12.00 - 17.30)
If 3 sessions per week funded (max. 15 hours) then £3 additional charge for remaining ½ hour £28.50 £29.00 £32.50
Full Day Session (Short)
(8.00 - 15.00)
Flexible choices offered to apply 15 hours/week funding^ - please discuss with manager £34.50 £35.75 £38.00
Full Day Session
(8.00 - 17.30)
Flexible choices offered to apply 15 hours/week funding^ - please discuss with manager £47.25 £48.50 £52.50

* The childcare grant pays for 2 of the 12 weeks in the Winter term.
Fees do not include French and Music which are optional, costing £2.50 and £3.50 a lesson, respectively.

^A maximum of 6 funded hours/day is offered - to be reviewed prior to Autumn 2018 term.
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