Montessori North Oxford


Summertown Montessori Nursery qualifies for a UK Government grant for 3 - 4 year olds and under resourced 2 year olds. We are committed to being fully transparent to parents in how this funding is applied – please refer to our Fees page.

As a requirement for obtaining the grant, the nursery is inspected by the Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED).

Over the years, our original nursery, Field House Montessori Nursery, which has been operating since 1996, has consistently achieved a "good" rating, despite restricted premises and shifting judgment criteria.

The newer Summertown Montessori Nursery in superior premises, was given a strong consistently "good" rating by Ofsted (02/06/2019). The merger of the two settings at the Summertown premises has enabled the Field House team to commit fully to building up the quality of the Summertown setting.

In addition to Ofsted regulation, we are working towards a Quality Mark in early years educational performance from an accredited international educational organisation. Please speak to the manager for further information.

You can read the latest Ofsted report here.